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A transmitter is a device that has electronic nature; it produces different radio waves with the help of an antenna. Usually a transmitter has a radiofrequency current which is connected to the antenna. It radiates different waves. Transmitter also generates different waves for communication and navigational purposes.

Flow transmitter- flow transmitters are different kinds of sensors which includes electrical transmission output that indicates flow rate. There are different transmitters such as paddlewheel, electromagnetic and ultrasonic.

Pressure transmitter- Pressure transmitters are usually those devices which have the ability to convert low-level electrical outputs into higher-level signals by using pressure sensing element so that it can be used in different systems.

Level transmitter- A level transmitter is basically a transmitter that helps to identify the level of given material easily. These transmitters basically work on the basis of radar by using the wave emission.

Vacuum transmitter- Vacuum transmitters are devices that help to measure the pressure of atmospheric air at a given point anywhere on the earth. It is easy to use devices and requires less maintenance.

I/P converter- I/P converter are also known as current to pressure converter. These converters convert an analog signal into proportional linear pneumatic output. This input current flows inside the coil and flapper value.

RTD- RTD which is also known as a resistance temperature detector is generally described as a resistance thermometer. RTD helps to maintain a correlation between temperature and metals. As temperature increases, the resistance inflow of electricity also increases.

Thermocouple- Thermocouple is a sensor which is used to measure temperature. The thermocouple is made from joining two wires of different types of metals from one end to another.

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