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Gauge And Switches

A gauge is an instrument that is used to measure and it also provides visual values of level and content of something. Whereas, switches are instruments used to switch on or off any current or any fluid according to its installation. There are different types of gauge and switches that RSK automation system.

Level switch- A level switch refers to the sensor that helps you detect the level of any substance such as liquid or another material at any particular location. This is usually done to check the level of substance.

Pressure switch- A pressure switch is usually a switch which is used to disable an electric current when a certain pressure point has reached. This switch can work both on pressure rise as well as decline.

Temperature switch- Temperature switches are the switches which are used in different industries, temperature switch is a switch that gets disabled when an appropriate set temperature has been reached.

Flow switch- A flow switch is a device that is used to control the flow of different substances. A flow switch is used by sending a trip motion and signal. This signal will help switch to turn on or off according to the requirement.

Pressure gauge- A pressure gauge is a measurement device used to measure the intensity of the fluid. Pressure gauges are very essential to fluid power machine in setup and tuning.

Temperature gauge- A temperature gauge is a device that is used to measure the temperature of any item. Display of temperature gauge is usually an analogue dial.

Vacuum gauge- A vacuum gauge is a gauge used to measure the air pressure inside the engine. It contains different meters which indicates the level and amount of the pressure inside an engine.

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