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Control valves

Control valves refer to the instrument that is basically used to control the flow of any liquid substance. These valves are used in different places for different purposes. RKS automation systems build and supply best kind of control valves that are made with the latest technology and can be used for a longer period

Ball valve- A ball valve is a hollow, pivoting ball used to control the flow of the water. The ball in the valve helps to reduce or enhance the pressure in the valve with an angle of 90 degrees.

V notch ball valve- A V notch ball valve is a valve that doesn’t require much maintenance and it also has pulp and paper stock. It makes it more suitable for working in a high temperature.

Motorized control valves- Motorized valve is usually used in a heating system to control the water flow. This valve is operated as a motor operates, in case if the motor is not working the valve will be closed.

Butterfly valve- Usually the butterfly valve is used to control the flow by using fast operation and low-pressure drop. Just a sudden change can switch off the butterfly valve.

On off valve- On-off valve is an electrical switch valve, this either allows the flow of liquid or stops it and it is controlled through the switch.

Steam control valve- As the name suggests, the steam control valve is a valve used to control the pressure of the valve. Usually industrial companies use a steam control valve to reduce the pressure.

RKS automation services manufacture and deliver all these products for you and help you improve your work balance with premium quality products. If you want the best services contact RKS automation service.

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