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Chemical Dosing Systems Services

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Chemical Dosing System

RSK automation systems manufacture different equipments for different categories which include paper, textile, leather industry and effluent treatment plant. These plants and equipments are used in different industries and at different places. Apart from this all these machines and equipments are designed for long term plans and it is very essential for any manufacturer to design them in same way.

These different equipments are designed for different chemicals like DSR, AKD, Retention aid, starch, OBA, DYE, Pigment dye, Microploymer and Bentonite. All these chemicals are used in these industries and the equipments are created in a way that they can work with full efficiency.

Further, these equipments have advanced tools of technology which includes filters- simplex and duplex, Dosing pumps – plunger, electromagnetic diaphragm and screw pumps.

All these products and equipments are sourced from world class OEM.

Typical Dosing systems consist of Metering type pumps with varied material of construction to suit the chemical handling. All Dosing Systems can be upgraded to a high level of automation for link up to a localized PLC or client's DCS as required.

Pre-engineered designs conform to International safety norms with respective spillage and containment.

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