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Analytical Instrumentation

Analytical instruments as the name suggests refers to different types of application and meters that are used in different fields such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, and oil refineries. These instruments are used to analyze material and composition. There are different types of meters that RSK automation produce –

PH meters- PH meters- Ph meter is an electric device that is used to measure hydrogen ion activities in solution. Ph meter includes a voltmeter and is also attached to the electrode and reference electrode.

Conductivity meter- Conductivity meter is used to check the capacity of electrical flow to pass through water. These ions are generated from dissolved salts and inorganic materials such as carbonate compounds.

Pyrometers- A pyrometer is a device that is used to measure the temperature which can’t be measured by an ordinary thermometer. Pyrometer also consists of a thermocouple which is a temperature-sensing probe.

Multimeter- A multimeter is a device that is used to measure three electrical characteristics that are voltage, current, and resistance. Multimeter consists of multi-functions like ammeter, voltmeter, and ohmmeter.

Clamp meter- A clamp meter is usually used to measure current (amperage). Apart from this clamp meter also has the capability of reading high-level current and clamp meters are also very accurate and deliver high standard accuracy.

RSK automation services, provide all these products with high quality that helps you to measure different current according to your needs.

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